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We are a motorcycle club. We are not affiliated with any other club or organization. The Acquitted MC is a member of both the National Federation and Ontario Confederation of Clubs. We believe in freedom.

We are an active motorcycle club involved in protecting the old ways of the motorcycle community. Our members enjoy the club life, riding, heading out for day trips or just simply for a coffee. We choose the biker life and the reminder that there can be a meaningful and social way for bike club members to socialize with like minded people.

We are a motorcycle club in the traditional sense. We take our club loyalty and responsibility seriously. You do not just sign up with a MC as you would a Riding Club. There are steps that must be taken to become a full Acquitted MC member.

At Acquitted MC we support our membership strongly. Members are encouraged to participate in club functions, some being mandatory. Acquitted MC also has family functions as well.

We stay true to old fashioned values, trust and loyalty, the enjoyment of motorcycling and social interaction with like minded people. Our doors are always open to growth.

If you are looking for brothers, friends or just a great bunch of guys, then drop us a line with questions. You may find a home with Acquitted MC. Feel free to approach our members should you see us.